From Friday, July 22nd at 7:30pm until Sunday, July 24th at 7:30pm, approximately 40 separate filmmaking teams had to pick a couple of genres from a hat, get assigned a few required elements and then brainstorm, write, shoot, edit, and turn in a completed 4-7 minute short film. 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the 48 Hour Film Project here in New Orleans.

This year the required elements each team had to include were:

  • Character: Dante or Danetta Longfellow, Professor
  • Prop: a slice of pizza
  • Line: “I’ll deal with it in the morning.”(or “I will deal with it in the morning.”)

Our genre selection was either Horror or Buddy Film. We decided to go the horror route once again. Last year we drew horror and created Daughter. This year we were shooting at the HeadHunter Productions studio. The studio itself is under going an overhaul so things like air conditioning, tight spaces, construction debris were all issues. But no worries! Perseverance is the name of the game!

We had our concept knocked out earlier this year than any year before… (quite an accomplishment!) We had everything lined up and ready to go, when scheduling issues for our talent came into play and had to be dealt with. Hey, you know, it happens all the time on big shoots, too! The kinks were worked out and shooting began… with the final shot of the film! (No spoilers… watch it to find out!) Our talent pool are all consummate professionals! Thanks to Craig Leydecker, Lisa Mackel Smith, Audrey Wagner, Sylvia Grace Crim, Kathryn Talbot, and Jordan Salloum!

Our production team was a lot smaller than previous years. Our cinematographer, Ben Long, joined the team at the 9th hour on Lisa’s recommendation. He was a pleasure to work with! Joey Endler built our sets, Andre LeBlanc was our on set boom op/sound guy, Jenna Robichaux and Kellie Conboy created and applied all of our fantastic makeup, Rebecca Fox was our set dresser, Hunter directed, and I edited.

In post, Melissa Ray and Hunter McGregor created the wonderful, moody original score for Help Me. Brandon Bordelon did his magic as well to complete the music and give us the Best Musical Score nomination! Thanks all!

Team LaFilm is a bit of a family affair… my wife, Tracy produced and my daugher-in-law, Lynn Daigle Krieger was our crafy. And what delicious lasagna it was! If I forgot anyone, it is purely unintentional!

To complement the whirlwind pace of production, the premiere screenings were held less than a week later at the National WWII Museum’s Solomon Victory Theatre. Judging took place over the next week and award nominations were announced throughout the day yesterday.

Team LaFilm was honored with four nominations for their short film, Help Me!

Best Musical Score – Melissa Ray and Hunter McGregor
Best Actress – Lisa Mackel Smith
Best Supporting Actor – Craig Leydecker
Best Sound Design – Brandon Bordelon, Andre LeBlanc, and Bob Krieger

The “Best Of” screening, which will include Help Me, and the Awards Ceremony will be on Saturday, August 13th at Second Line Stages.

Want to see the film? Do ya?
Well, here’s the trailer (Watch it first!): Help Me – 48 second Trailer

And finally… here’s the film: Help Me!

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