Livestreaming is… interesting. I just streamed the first test (and I’m keeping it, so y’all can see how “bad” it is! This stream is just a test to see if/how it works. I have a picture, I have switching between cameras, and I have an audio delay… a BAD audio delay! I’ll work on it..

If you’re interested, (and why would you be?), this illustrious test can be seen at: It’s nothing to get excited about, just me “playing”. There are two of the Sony X70 cameras placed in easily accessible positions, though not very “filmic” positions. I have ausio coming from one of the camera’s onboard mics, hence the VERY echoey sound. I have another mic recording my audio from the desktop via a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 device. The delay, I believe, is coming from there.

If you look at the video, and again I don’t really recommend it, you’ll see and hear that horrid delay! For you pixel peepers, I have everything set for 1080p23.97 frame rate. That seems to be the one frame rate all of the systems tend to agree upon.

I’ll do more testing in the coming days, hopefully with out the “one man band” thing! I’ll test different audio input scenarios to remove/eliminate that delay. I don’t think (yet) that I’ll need an audio delay device IF I use the Sony camera’s onboard XLR connections for my mics and other audio. It should be in sync then. (Of course, these are the epitome of “famous last words”!)

I’ll keep you posted. Later!